Bluetooth Speakers: Choice of the Present

Bluetooth Speakers have been developed around Late 90's but in the past decade, they have became a real favourable choice of the present generation.
 Unlike the speakers used before these, Bluetooth Speakers doesn't requires a wired connection and are quite portable as compared to them. There are various options, sizes and shapes available in market of Bluetooth Speakers, let's take a look at what makes them stand out from the traditional Speakers;
1. Easy to carry - Traditional Speakers were heavy, they were set up in the houses because they were huge too but Bluetooth Speakers are light, can be carried in pockets , are small and that makes them portable.
2. Can be used around the house/anywhere - Unlike the wired speakers, these can be taken to the kitchen, while showering, while gardening, in house parties, anywhere and everywhere you like
3. Adds to decor of your home - Now-a-days Bluetooth Speakers are not only used for listening to music but can be used for decorating your house too. Many speakers such as Marshall are so intricately designed that it can add to the accent to your living room.
4. For phone calls - these can be used to attend a call, many a times while we are cooking or doing some other work, calls are missed because you cannot hold the phone but when and if you connect your phone to the Bluetooth Speaker, it automatically announces an incoming call and you can easily take the call on speaker.
5. Can be used outside the house - Not only these speakers are used inside the house but they can be used outside the house too.
Let's take a look at some of them available in the market;

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