Reviving the Past!

Kulhad/Kulhar or also called as Shikora came in use initially in South Asia, that was mainly made of mud, prepared in a klin meant to be destroyed after one use.
  As time proceeded, kulhads started to be painted with different styles as per the different cultures. One of the unique feature of kulhad was that it  had no handle as we have now in cups and mugs and that it was earthy hence it absorbed the liquid served in it, enhancing the taste as well as the aroma of the dish served. You might have seen tea being served in Kulhads and people going Gaga over it.
But as time proceeded further mud Kulhads changed into stoneware Kulhads, from one time use to multi time use, from being almost undurable to can be used for long time. Kulhads have really evolved  as per the modern time needs and preferences.
   I took a look at the stoneware Kulhads present in markets and the different styles, shapes and sizes they have attained while being the initial kulhad only.
Let's take a look at one of such Stoneware Kulhads;

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