"Comfortable is the new Classy"

One of the stylish trends in today's fashion is "Athletic wear". Be it gym sessions, going for chai, for a walk, run, meeting a friend without having time to dress up and what not, Athletic wear is multipurpose.
But most commonly people call them sweatpants/ trackpants/ joggers/ tights forgetting that there is a difference between them; Let's have a look at what these are
1. Sweatpants
Mostly suitable for winter season, they are relaxed pants and are somewhat same as Joggers. 
Can be paired with sweatshirts 
Perferable as gym wear and lounge wear.
2. Track pants-
Initially worn for athletic purposes, these pants have become the life line for youth with their multipurpose styling.
They are more like joggers but the material used in this is different.
Very good for absorption of sweat
3. Joggers
They are relaxed at thighs and cuffed at the bottom with an elastic band .
Gives comfortability
Can be worn for an evening stroll or for sweating in run
So next time when you don't get the time to iron your clothes or find the nicest pair of your trousers, go for them. It will give you a very comfortable and cheek style.
Take a look at colors and patterns available in the market;

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