Detox Water: A boon or blessing?

Summers are here and the market is flooded with different arieated drinks, artificial juices, sodas, cold drinks and what not! They have falvours that make you buy them time and again, but what about the nutritional value? 
  Doctors suggest that drinking water (7-8 glasses a day) can keep you healthy and happy but don't you think water becomes a lil monotonous after a while! So how to keep yourself away from these artificial drinks and indulge in drinking only water? The answer is DETOX DRINKS; they are a recent concept where the water is infused with lemon, berries, mints kept for some time and then drank throughout the day. In this way not only water but the things infused gives a nutritional  taste and value to the water.
Now-a-days in market, jars especially made for Detox are available under different brands. Let's take a look at some of them;

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