Hapuka: Art and Crafts

Hapuka: Art and Crafts material
Remember when the lockdown was announced in the country, people were confined in the four walls of their home. No place to go, nothing to do. Monotony and boredom started to take over lives and people didn't know what is the solution for that.
Art came to their rescue, some started making Dalgona coffee, others Banana cakes, some took refuge in art others in crafts.Many small businesses were set up to counter boredom but now the problem arises where could the people buy the raw materials they needed for their business.
Only some websites were operational and that too charging a thousand times more than what was the MRP. 
Hapuka have a specific category for Art and Crafts materials in unbelievable price, amazing discounts and the variety they have is just wow
Take a look at some of them;
  1. Cardboard in different sizes, thickness and shapes ( rectangular, circular, triangular etc.)
2. This cute Butterfly shaped cut-outs
These are only a few of them and there are hundreds of products like these on their website.
Go check them out and grow your small business.
What are you waiting for now?

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