Trousers for men

According to lifestyle by PS, blogs; The earliest discovery of the purpose-build pant dates back 3000 years ago when relaxed-fitting wool trousers with wide crotches were made for horseback riding.Trousers have been the perfect military garment to wear under plate amour, providing practicality and warmth ever since the 14th century. It wasn’t until the 1500s where a more fashion-focused pant was designed, with exaggerated colours and features such as ballooning at the thighs and a slim ankle.
Coming to the present day scenario, trousers have changed the way " Office wear" looked like! Now it's not just black or blue but there are other fits, colors available in the market for men too. Today one of the trending colors are obviously "khaki" and " olive" loved by all the professionals
Let's take a look at the options available in the market;

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