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Indian Political & Management Services- IPMS

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    About us:-

    Management Consultancy:-

    We're a global management consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious change-makers define the future. Across the world, we work alongside our clients as one team transforms their organization with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition, and redefine industries. We complement our tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster, and more enduring outcomes.

    Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s institutional context, sector dynamics, and macroeconomic environment. We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices, in every industry and region, locally and globally. Our investment in knowledge also helps advance the practice of management. We publish our findings extensively, and we engage with leading thinkers on the most pressing issues facing our clients and society.

     Our clients’ requirements are constantly changing due to changing the demands of the world, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. To do this, we are bringing new talent into the firm, acquiring new companies, and developing new capabilities, for example, in design, analytics, and digital.

     We serve clients at every level of their organization, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach for front-line employees. We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice and work directly with them over the long term, to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods.


    Political Consultacny:-

    IPMS having team of 1000+ expert members in India and we used to provide the services of Political Party Registration, Nomination, Election Campaign, Election Management, Digital Marketing,

    We are also in the services of  Audit, Expenditure  Management, Political Party Account Audit by Chartered Accountant Empannelled with CAG.

    IPMS  expert teams are providing all kinds of assistance related to the political party. Apart from this we are having a team of IT Experts for providing best quality services of Information Technology.

    We have learned it the hard way and we ensure to utilize this learning in the growth of our own self by granting the best services that we can through our tailor made solutions in order to safeguard the interests of our clients.

    Depending on the client’s requirements, we are involved in providing Political Party Registration Consultant Services in all states of India. These Registration Services are the services that are provided by us under the respect of the government.

    Our Constitution gives us the Right for having a Multi-Party System in India so you can start your own Political Party. For starting a political party in India, one has to register the Political Party with the Election Commission of India. We, offer a broad-based Political and Social Consulting Services to Register a Political Party with the Election Commission of India and Our Consulting Services as follows



    Political Party Formation

    • Drafting of Party Constitution & Bylaws of the Political Party.
    • Party Registration with Election Commission of India.
    • Guidelines on how to run the Political Party as far as the Constitution of India Rules.
    • Operational Legal Support in Conducting Sociopolitical Events & Functions.
    • Offering total Consulting Service from Political Party Registration to Party Establishment Stage.


    The firm’s expertise is widely acknowledged in addressing the complex Representation of Peoples Act and challenges of all types. It regularly deals with the protection of the Political Party.

    The firm balances commercial realities with political pragmatism and draws on its well-honed expertise and instinct in the field, coupled with a profound understanding of political management in India. The firm has a keen interest in innovation and offers creative solutions that tackle the root and not merely the symptoms of a problem.




    No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results and equipping our clients to grow and lead.


    We work with organizations across the private, public, political and social sectors for their transformation and setup.



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