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Changing the Way We Live — Electronic Gadgets on Hapuka

Hapuka presents you numerous categories in electronics starting from

  • buy Online Smartwatches- brands including Maxima, Mi Boat, Noise, One plus, etc.
  • buy Online Digital pads
  • buy Online Mobile holders
  • buy Online Laptop holder
  • buy Online Headphones – of renowned brands such as JBL, Sony, boAt, Portronics
  • buy Online Earphones-JBL, Sony, boAt, Portronics
  • buy Online Speakers-JBL, Sony, boAt, Portronics
  • buy Online Soundbars
  • buy Online Adapters and Chargers
  • buy Online Extension cords
  • buy Online Smart lightings

It’s astonishing how far technology has come. We wake up to a ringing alarm on our smartphone and sleep with the same smartphone in our hands. Electronic gadgets such as laptops, headphones, smart watches, iPads, etc. have become significant life necessities. Since electronic gadgets play such a major part in our lives, it begs the question, “Where should I shop gadgets from?”. One must buy devices from reputed and dependable brands. These genuine products come with the manufacturer’s warranty and are easily accessible on trusted online websites.

Reaping the benefits of this ever-growing technology, Hapuka brings you access to a wide range of latest gadgets from both homegrown and international brands. Our assembly of gadgets has collections by trusted brands. Some of the reputed brands that we have with us include JBL, OPTA, Energy Sistem, Philips, Boult, boAt, Saregama, WINGS and many more. Let’s dig into all the gadgets you can expect to find on Hapuka.

Electronic Gadgets for Grabs on Hapuka


The go-to gadgets that are always strung around our necks, or stuffed into our bags are something that we can’t manage without. Whether it’s taking a phone call, watching a movie or listening to music, headphones and earphones help us in getting the best out of our phones and laptops. A new innovation in the world of headphones and earphones is the Bluetooth technology. One can simply switch on Bluetooth in their devices and connect their headsets.


Have a party at home? Or a home theatre setup? Well, the speakers are your best friend. High-quality surround sound has become so important in our lives that we certainly need a good set of speakers to make it happen. For travel purposes, you can purchase Bluetooth speakers and easily access music on-the-go with this lightweight electronic gadget.


Most of us spend hours on end, sitting and working on our laptops. This sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on your overall health. This is where smart watches came to our rescue. These watches can help monitor some of our day-to-day activities. Some notable features of smart watches include:

  1. Monitoring sleep patterns.
  2. 24-hour continuous heart rate monitor to get a comprehensive view on your heart-health day and night
  3. Detailed sports tracking for outdoor running, treadmill, walking and cycling, and can be connected to your phone's GPS to track your runs and rides.
  4. Accessing phone data such as reading messages and notifications without having to take out your phone.

Start your journey to healthy living with a smart watch from Hapuka.


Fitness watches help measure step count, distance covered, heart rate, body temperature, sleep quality and other useful information with just one touch of a finger. Smart technology responds to your movements as well. Its water-resistant technology is also an added bonus. Strap on a fitness tracker band and say goodbye to an unhealthy lifestyle for good.


A laptop stand is something a laptop can be set on that is raised up off a table or another surface. Having a laptop on a laptop stand can make it easier to work on and use because the screen is closer to eye level. The keyboard can also be at an angle instead of flat horizontally, which is more ergonomic and puts less stress on your wrists.

Another benefit of using a laptop stand is the increase of airflow. When a laptop is not on a raised or flat surface airflow can be restricted. However, when using a laptop stand, airflow can be increased, as the laptop is sitting above the table. The laptop stand may also include air vents in the surface that the laptop sits on, improving air flow even further. More expensive laptop stands may have fans included as well, to pull heat away from the laptop, further increasing air flow and helping cool the laptop.


A soundbar can make a big improvement to your TV watching, and it's more convenient and affordable than a surround-sound system. These are our favorites.The best secret weapon of any outstanding home theater is a quality soundbar. You can dramatically improve the sound quality of your TV without breaking the bank. That makes streaming your favorite shows or enjoying a full-length action-packed adventure all the more enjoyable. These days, soundbars tend to be considerably more popular than larger home theater speakers, AV receivers and subwoofers for their affordability and ease of use. In general, soundbars offer clear sound and more than one EQ mode, and all are bound to offer better audio quality than your TV.

Why Choose Hapuka for your Latest Electronic Gadgets Shopping?

Entrusting an online website with delivering a high-end gadget to your doorstep is a major decision. Here on Hapuka, a trusted team of trained personnel ensure your product is safely delivered to you in a stipulated time and is packaged well. Not only that, Hapuka’s flexible return/exchange policy allows you to replace products easily within a window of 30 days and an excellent customer care service to solve your queries.

If you’re looking to replace a gadget, hit Hapuka’s product range today and fulfil your needs without any hassles.

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