Hapuka Mission & Vision-2022

                                              About us

Hapuka is one of the leading E-commerce company which is committed to make every product, whether luxury or lifestyle accessible to everyone.


Hapuka’s Mission is to “to help people, save their money so that they can lead a better life”. It implements critical analysis and strategies that can help it in leading and becoming an E-commerce giant. The mission Hapuka witholds comprises of;

  • Improvement in lives of people who comes in contact with the brand.
  • Financial freedom
  • Creating such a platform that lives upto people’ expectations

In the first mission, Hapuka seeks whom it values the most and the first and the foremost objective is to live upto their expectations, to satiate their needs with our products. Hapuka pledges to give its customers an unforgettable shopping experience, for this our team conducts various customer surveys to find out what their needs are and to be able to fulfill them better!

To support this mission, Hapuka offers quality products at reasonable prices and along with that various lucrative discounts and offers.

The second element is an outcome of the first element and undertakes to improve the prices and provide its consumers freedom by increasing Savings.

The third element is a result of providing customers various products at an unbelievable price range and offers, the mission to live up to their expectations.


Vision is something, that a company seeks to achieve in the future, and Hapuka’s vision is to become a customer-loved shopping destination. It aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to anyone and everyone around the country by providing them a wide range of products and services.

Talking about its vision statement to be, “The ultimate destination for shopping and saving money at the same time”. This can be seen in the main reason behind the desire to position the company itself as the leading e-commerce Company. The following elements can be seen in relation to the vision;

  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Customer Oriented

Hapuka recognises the role of cost in the e-commerce sector and that is one of the many reasons, it offers competitive/ reasonable prices to its consumers.


The company emphasizes enough on the Affordability vision, by offering lower prices on its products and services.


Hapuka believes in modifying its products according to the choices and preferences made by the customers.

                                         Core Values

They include the following principles;

  • Customer First
  • Frontline focused
  • Listening
  • Innovative and Agile
  • Inclusive
  • High performance
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Fairness

The first and second principle shows how much the company puts importance on its customers, the third principle influenced by the first two. Here in Hapuka, we believe in Adaptability and Flexibility in the products and services offered by not only innovative but inclusive too. It is displayed in the quality we provide in fast, hassle free delivery of the product and also in the exchange of them. The company is doing examplary by not providing quality Products but the steps it takes to provide them to their respective customers.


Hapuka’s slogan:

Low price - high quality”