Is Boat Flash Edition Smartwatch worth the hype?

Boat has been a loved Indian brand for it's affordable and good quality earphones, headphones, earbuds etc.
  But it was in 2020, the company launched their smartwatches too adding to their already flourished market in India.What attracted Indian consumers was
"value products in reasonable prices"
Boat believes in making products that are Affordable, Durable and Ultra Fashionable and in think their vision is visible in the smartwatches that are in market now.
 Boat Flash Edition Smartwatch was launched in the year 2021, let's find out what makes it stand out from other competitive smartwatches in the market;
1. Apart from being compatible to almost all devices, having Bluetooth, tracking activity, displaying date and time  like all smartwatches in market, it has
2. Fitness Tracking with IP68 Rating 
3. Bluetooth latest version 5.0
4. 6 Watch Faces making it different with your different moods and styles.
5. Battery life lasting upto 7 days, can last upto 20 days on standby
6. Comes with inbuilt specifications like Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Calorie count etc.
7. Spo2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor
8. 1.3 In-Touch Display
9. Ten Active Sports mode
10. Water resistance
Take a look at it;

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